Personal Trainer, Swimming Coach & Nutritionist in Exeter

  • Weight Loss Personal Training for anyone
    Weight Loss Personal Training for anyone
  • Welcome to NL Wellness
    Welcome to NL Wellness
  • Safe, Effective, Science based Personal Training
    Safe, Effective, Science based Personal Training
  • Open Water Swimming Coaching in Exeter
    Personal Training & Swimming Coaching in Exeter

NL Wellness Exeter

NL Wellness specialise in safe, tailored personal training, effective fat loss and expert swimming coaching in Exeter. NL Wellness can help you lose weight, increase your fitness, improve your health parameters and develop your swimming whether you're a complete beginner or swimming at an elite level.

What you can expect

A safe, effective, scientific approach to weight loss

Supportive but no nonsense guidance

Professional & personal fitness coaching

Expert swimming coaching & underwater video analysis

Informative clear instruction

High levels of motivation and empathy


Bespoke swim, nutrition and fitness services tailored to your abilities and goals.

  • It doesn't matter where your start point is
  • We have learnt from personal experience what works

NL Wellness Experience

Our previous client have included obese patients, those suffering from eating disorders and needing specialist help, arthritis sufferers and athletes. Athletes we have coached range from beginner swimmers to elite level triathletes.

Many people try and make changes to their weights, sizes, health and performance, but with limited success. A busy lifestyle does not mean you have to feel tired all the time. With guidance and support from NL Wellness you can achieve the results you desire. In just a few weeks we can have you feeling full of energy and well on your way to attaining your goals.

Our Team at NL Wellness is committed to providing an enjoyable, functional and scientific approach to exercise and weight loss training. We believe in helping our clients achieve their goals safely in the most productive, fast and structured way possible. This is achieved by providing tailored fitness training, swimming coaching & nutritional guidance.