Online Personal Training.

Clearly COVID-19 has changed the nature of many businesses in the world, including NL Wellness. A positive out of the situation is that over the last year I’ve been able to help many lose weight despite COVID through online personal training.

A problem for many has been the lack of access to their habitual exercise locations or forms of keeping fit and healthy. There are clear positives for some with access to heavy weights and a typical gym, however, losing weight with minimal or no equipment at home is still very much doable. The principles of healthy exercise, nutrition and lifestyle factors have not changed and I’ve been able to help individuals lose well over 10kg whilst maintaining lean muscle mass.

I help facilitate the above weight loss, increased strength, and improved mobility through long term lifestyle changes in sleep, nutrition and physical activity. My online personal training services employ science based, safe, effective and simple methodologies developed from a national level athletic background and over 10 years of experience. This experience has been acquired through working on the NHS obesity service alongside working with government emergency services, professional sports teams, Royal Marines and the public. Over the last 5 years I have training extensively in calisthenics and gymnastics and use this experience to help people become stronger, move pain free and become far more flexible within their weight loss programmes.

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"Began working with Nye last year and have really started seeing results in my running. I’d underestimated the importance of strength training as part of improving. He took care to understand what I was looking to achieve and then we agreed achievable goals. It’s been good that we’ve still managed to work during lockdown over Zoom."


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