Private Swimming Lessons

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    Over 10 Years of Coaching Experience

At NL Wellness we are enthusiastic about swimming.  It has numerous advantages as an exercise activity.   As well as being enormously enjoyable at all levels, and increasingly so as you progress, it is the best way to stay fit.

We teach adults and children of all levels from beginners to experienced competitive swimmers. Whatever your situation and reasons, we will be happy to help you improve your stroke, speed and distance, get in great shape, and enjoy this beautiful sport.

NL Wellness swimming coaches are based in Exeter, Devon.  Our private swimming lessons are held in the pool at the Middlemoor Police HQ.

Fear of the water

We enjoy training beginners, including people with phobias of the water.  It is tremendously rewarding to see them grow in confidence and ability.  We have also trained children and young people who want to increase their prowess in school and club teams for swimming and water polo, progressing to elite swimmers at university, county, national and international level.

Swimming for injury recovery

The advantages of swimming especially apply after an injury.  Acquiring skills in swimming will allow you to stay really fit and develop your stroke without fearing further injury. It will aid your recovery and allow you to get back to full health as soon as possible. Swimming is perfect for rehabilitation as it is non-impact and works the entire body and cardiovascular system. Some clients actually finish their rehab programme fitter than before they were injured.

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    From Fear to Fun

Swimming for weight loss

Also swimming is a perfect exercise if you want to lose weight.  To be effective in the long term, fat loss needs to be accompanied by exercise.  Gyms are not for everyone, but nearly everyone can learn to swim effectively at any stage of their life.  You will get enormous advantages from it.

Swimming Techniques

At NL Wellness we will be pleased to teach you effective swimming techniques in all or any of the strokes of your choice.  We will help you to improve your body position, making you more streamlined in the water, and develop your speed and stamina. We will show you how to turn effectively and quickly.  Our aim will be to make you a polished competent swimmer both in the pool and, if you wish, in the open water. Our swimming coaches can also give you nutritional advice which will be fine-tuned to what you want to achieve.

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1-2-1 Swimming Coaching

1-2-1 Swimming lessons will enable one or every stroke to be examined and improved ensuring you are practising correct technique as much as possible. This attention to detail, combined with over a decade of experience coaching swimmers, will enable your swimming to progress extremely quickly. You will save a huge amount of the time, energy and frustration that people who try by themselves normally experience. This is the most effective way to develop your swimming.

Your technique, body position, speed and stamina will all develop as fast as possible with 1-2-1 swim coaching. You will become faster and better and get more enjoyment when you swim. Many people develop inferior habits and together through these swimming lessons we will develop your technique.

These sessions are available for people of all abilities, from beginners to serious athletes. They are for people who truly wish to improve their swimming and get the best results. Try a private 1-2-1 course with NL Wellness and get optimum swimming tuition. Whatever your ability, you can go at your own pace to make sure you feel safe and are getting the most out of your session.

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2-2-1 swimming coaching

2-2-1 Swimming Coaching in Exeter will dramatically help develop your swimming, get amazing results and increase your confidence with the social and financial support of a friend or training partner.

These swimming lessons enable you to have close support and guidance from our very experienced swimming teachers. Your technique and speed will develop far faster than any normal group swimming lessons. The increased support from your training partner will motivate you and keep you on track and will make it more enjoyable as you encourage each other.

In addition to the rapid improvements that 2-2-1 lessons will bring they are also more economical than 1-2-1

If you’re serious about improving your technique for enjoyment, fitness or competition a course of  2-2-1 swimming lessons with NL Wellness won’t disappoint you.