Personal Training

  • Personal Training that works
    Personal Training that works
  • Exercises that lose weight & increase health
  • Professional, safe coaching using scientific principles

NL Wellness is a personal training company that specialises in fat loss. We are based in Exeter, Devon, and also operate in the surrounding areas including Exmouth, Torquay and Okehampton.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of people in Exeter and the surrounding areas to lose weight and feel better about themselves. With over 12 years of experience we know exactly how to help and exactly what you need to do to achieve weight loss. We firmly believe in helping people with achieve weight loss for whatever reason and are grateful whenever someone new comes to us and gives us the opportunity to help them. Don’t worry if you haven’t enjoyed exercise and training in the past. We make sure the sessions vary and that all our clients enjoy them.

  • Functional Training- no fads
    Functional Training- no fads
  • Personal Training

1-2-1 Personal Training

This is our most personalised, individual and in depth service. If you want to lose weight and feel your best this will be the quickest and most effective way. If you want an expert to help you to look the way you want and be there personally with you your entire journey then this is for you.

If you've tried to lose weight before and struggled then finally get the results you seek with NL Wellness. 

We do not simply take anyone on. You will need to be willing to put in the work and stay focused. This is not for those that just want to rock up once a week for a ‘beasting’ and then go back to live the way they always have. This is for people that are determined to make a permanent positive change to their life for the better, for people that are serious about weight loss and will work to achieve it.

That being said our fat loss coaches will be there for you all the time and get you the results you want- or your money back.

  • A simple but effective training approach
    A simple but effective training approach

2-2-1 Semi-Personal Training

If you feel as though you are ready to make a difference but would like to train with a friend, colleague or partner this is the perfect option. The dual motivation from them and us will boost your success.

As with all our services you will have our complete support and will benefit from working with experts that are passionate about helping you lose weight.

We will work with both of you and help you help each other. Helping each other will empower both of you working as a team. Both of you will lose weight, get the physiques you want and save money in the process. If you have struggled in the past to lose weight, or found that you slipped back into old habits, 2-2-1 Personal training will keep you on your toes and educate you on how to stay on track.