Women and Weights

Why Lifting heavier can make you happier


1) It helps improve your body composition

Lifting heavier weights means more lean tissue (now don't worry ladies this DOESN'T mean you will turn out like Helga!) Women don't have the natural testosterone levels to get 'massive'. Also unless your lifting a very small number of reps at an extremely hard weight for you (almost your 1 Repetition max) you won't get too big. You will however look athletic, toned and you will feel firm and strong.

Lifting heavier will increase your functional strength, help improve your athletic performance and will enable you to have a healthy and sexy body fat percentage.


2) It's empowering

Being able to do something that seemed impossible just a few weeks or a month or two before is an amazing feeling. Once you realise you can achieve new goals from lifting heavier it empowers yoou in all aspects of your life to better yourself and have the confidence to do so. Everything in life starts to seem possible. 

This newfounded/strengthened belief is more appealing to many women than having to train in the 'female friendly' areas of gyms and healthclubs with almost patronising pink dumbells.


3) Weight training is not just the 'same old thing'

There are so many ways you can train: supersets, giant sets, pyramids, eccentric focused training, isometric training, different rest periods, different rep ranges, different exercises, different variations of exercises.

There are so many 'toys' to use: kettlebells, olympic weights, dumbells, waterbags, powerbags etc

Athletes sometimes have intricate and complex cycles of training according to what macrocycle their in. Weight training really DOESN'Thave to be about doing 3 sets of 10reps!


4) You become part of a community

There seems to be a unique camaraderie  amongst weight training groups. I've seen whole parts of the gym stop their training and give support to someone trying for a new Personal Best (PB) in whatever exercise. Not only this but you get a sense of  belonging combined with a mutual respect of others that train with you, or with those that simply train at similar times to you- Far from the aggressive negative atmosphere that many people percieve there to be.

5) You can use it

The beauty of lifting weights it that, providing a balance is achieved with the exercises, you can USE it. Many women find their quality of life goes up far beyond just looking better. They  can 'fend for themselves', can do any of the manual labour tasks with ease or without struggling. 


6) It's natural and healthy

Evolutionarily women are meant to carry things and lift weight. Why then have some many becomed desensitised to lifting weight- social pressures and misleading marketing are amongst the factors to blame.

Lifting weight is important and in an age where Osteoarthritis (OA) is rampart amongst an aging population, especically with women, it is becoming more and more important to lift weights. Lifting weights will increase the peak bone density and therefore when it starts to decrease (especially noted amongst post menopausal women) a higher peak bone density will result in fat less likihood of OA from occuring!


So there you have it ladies- 6 reasons why you should lift weights!