Weights for Women

Woman lifting weights

Years ago in gyms, you'd get the 'ladies area' with no weights apart from tiny pink dumbbells, which I think is just patronising (even though smaller dumbbells have their uses for doing long muscular endurance toning sets etc). Women wouldn't be seen near the 'weights area' for fear of looking like a "Helga"

Fortunately, this attitude is changing.

I think you'd be pleasantly surprised by how women who lift weights look (both for women & men!).

Women are starting to realise that to look like the 'beasts' that you see in some female bodybuilding shows requires vast amounts of food, supplements, unnatural levels of hormones (drugs) and masses of HEAVY, HEAVY weight training.

The truth is that when girls lift weights, combined with high-intensity circuit training, good old cardio and lots of healthy food they begin to get the body of their dreams.

They look incredible. 

Some women are still scared of lifting anything beyond an 8kg dumbbell and, truth be told, their gym sessions are doing almost NOTHING after a few weeks of training.

A typical session that I see done in a gym goes something like this:

20-30 mins on the X-trainer

20-30 mins on the bike

10-20 mins on the treadmill

and if people are slightly more switched on I might see:

3 sets of body weight lunges

3 sets of kneeling press ups (because normal press ups will 'make you look like a man')

Ladies, it's all about the weights if you want to really tone up and get the lithe, lean physique.

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