Weight Loss- Get your body on your side pt 2

I have been meaning to write this for a while so sorry it's taken so long!

This is a part 2 you might say to my previous blog post about how your beliefs and attitudes make a diffence in your ability to lose weight. A post that explains a bit more about this. I had someone somewhat rudely attack my previous post (my girlfriend said at least people are reading it! every cloud has a silver lining!) so I thought I'd just add some (by no means all) examples.

There is obviously much evidence out there about Obesity and the Social, Physiological & Psychological causes for Overweight and Obesity and indeed the treatment. Also there are huge amounts of literature to the psychological link between weight. I have included some research here:

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 (These are just a few examples of an extensive range of literature.)

Numerous studies show that appetite can be stimulated by feelings of  worry, frustration, anger , hostility, guilt etc (e.g negative emotions and high stress). Associated eating and drinking with stress reduction is learned from an early age and is reinforced from being a baby- they cry when hungry- the infant is fed- stress levels drop and the child learns that eating alleviates stress. Eating is often a way to suppress these negative emotions. I work with people to help them identify traits and circumstances that they may find leads them to eat in response to stimuli other than hunger.

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Essentially what you did as a child, the way the eat, who you ate with, how your parents/carers shopped all influence us and mould our eating behaviours. Emotional Obesity and Overweight occurs when you make the association that being bigger makes you safer for whatever reason and you body protects you by making you fatter. You need to try and associate being thin with postive thoughts and feelings and that being thinner is in your best interest!




Regain control,