Weight Loss- Get your body on your side

To lose weight you have to get your body to want to lose weight.

That's right- get your body wanting to be thin.

If diet's worked there'd  be one or two, everyone would go on it, everyone would lose weight- end of. There wouldn't be 1000's of them and loads of new ones coming out every year.

They all work on the premise that you can force yourself and your body to lose weight. If diet's worked there would be no issue. But the idealogy is flawed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again DIET'S DON'T WORK.

Most of us don't have the same stressors as those 10,000's of years ago- famine, being eaten and freezing to death. Yet our modern day stressors still give us the same chemical reactions meaning Stress, Adrenaline & Cortisol increases, a decrease in Parasympathetic Nervous System Dominance = a body that wants to be fatter and can't lose weight.

Some modern stressors include: Nutritional startvation, Toxins, bills & other financial problems, unemployment, lack of intimacy, traffic, noise pollution, war, crime, government policy, abusive bosses. There are loads of reasons why your body will activate its fat programes:

Chronic Dieting

If your body craves NUTRIENTS (especially micronutrients aka Vitamins & Minerals) it thinks your starving. When most people diet they don't eat enough nutrients, they starve themselves = survival mode by your body = fat gain NOT fat loss.

Nutritional Starvation 

You may be eating as much as you want and nt dieting but your body may still be starving Nutritionally. Normally this is because:

  • Certain important nutrient are issing from your diet because you eat the same food with the same types and quantities of nutritients in
  • The nutrients in your food have been destroyed e.g nuking the crap out of them when cooking/using microwaves
  • You aren't digesting your food properly
  • Your cells aren't absorbing the nutrients for some reason


When toxins enter your body (eating the wrong foods, oxidative stress, other factors), via  it stores them to protect you. Just like when fat protects you against the cold.


All medication is toxic to some extent, as such it should only be used very carefully.

Food additives 

Processed 'foods', artficialsweetners, preservatives are very different to the natural food we have evolved to eat. Our bodies don't know how to digest these foods causing hormonal disruptions = fat promotion. Don't avoid these too radically as that would likely be a diet but ween off them and eat in conjunction with other foods the body needs. The body will gradually decrease its desire for these processed products.

Threat (Mental and Emotional stressors)

If you feel stressed your body literally thinks your being attacked and chased by a predator. Chemical reactions then occur as your brain is screaming "I'm not safe- help". The body only recognises physical threats so when you are emotionally upset it thinks you are in danger physically. Sometimes the same signal sent when you are starving, freezing or being 'chased by a lion' are those sent then you are emotionally upset. Here are some examples of emotional threats: 


Dysfunctional Beliefs

Beliefs can have a massive control over our bodies. There are 100's of documented examples of people who believed they would get sick then became ill. Or those who believed they would be healed and then were. 

In the same way negative and dysfunctional beliefs surrounding obesity and weight loss can activate your body to be fatter. If you believe you were meant to be fat, or commonly- deserve to be fat, if you think weight loss if hard or impossible then your body stays fat. Crazy right! Your mind if incredibly powerful.

It is understandable why you may have these misconceptions, you may have had social stigma your whole life by ignorant people- but it's also because you have been approaching weight loss the wrong way- by forcing yourself to eat less and denying yourself the foods your craving. Weight loss isn't tough when you want you're body to be thin.


Emotional Obesity

Subconciously you may have made the association that being fat makes you safer or it's serving some kind of emotional need- your body then tries to protect you by being fatter.


Next week I'll be explaining this in more detail.

Please let me know what you think and If you have any questions! 


Be your best :)



(Photo Courtesy of OeilDeNuit)