Top 5 reasons people stay fat

Losing fat is both a complicated and SIMPLE process. There is no need for fad 'diets', slimming shakes, supplements or long, ardous training.

Here are 5 factors you need to consider and get right in order to sucessfully lose fat, and keep it off!

1. Misguided Nutrition

A clear factor in achieving fat loss is looking at your diet and assessing where you can make improvements. Many people think their diet is 'good' the reality is much different, from no fault of their own. There are so many pitfalls to dodge when attempting to eat more healthily. One of the main pitfalls are 'low fat' products, low fat almost certainly means high sugar. The country consumes less fat than ever before and yet is the fattest it's ever been-why? because of high sugar in food products. Next time you see a low fat product look at the sugar content, if a food says 'low fat' then stear clear! 

Another pitfall is wheat. Wholegrain products like wholegrain bread/pasta are much, much better for you than white bread/pasta however they still contain wheat... Wheat is not your friend, the Gliadin in the Glutein causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal system reducing nutrient absorption, many people have an intolerance to wheat exaggerating this effect. Try eating different grains like Quinoa, Teff, Amaranth, Rye, Oats etc. They are cooked in similar ways to wheat and don't cause your digestive system to be a battleground!

Another point to make is that your body has an intricate system for having a positive energy balance. This is a survival mechanism and famine has killed more people historically than anything else in history. As a result if you cut down your calories to much, too quickly your body will go into a starvation mode. It will lower your metabolism (the WORST thing for fat loss) and it will change your hormone level e.g increase your hunger hormone Ghrelin. This means you will start craving sugary, fatty  foods as your body literally thinks you're dying. How do we prevent this? You don't restrict your calories too much, you don't calorie count, you don't starve yourself. You simply eat as much as you like of Healthy, wholesome foods and cut out others. You will find that foods that are good for you will fill you up much more easily and provide the micronutrients that your body is demanding. If you provide them your body will not make you cry out for foods that aren't good for you e.g. high fat high sugar foods.

2. Poor exercise choices

How often have you seen a gym and noticed people pounding the treadmill for hours on end or brag about the 100's of sit-ups they have just done. Now think how many of those people are actually in good shape? If this style of training actually worked for fat loss (obviously clocking up the mileage on the treadmill is great if you want to run a marathon) then there would be many, many more people in great shape.

Training in the 'fat burning zone' is not the way to go! Although it is at this intensity that you burn the most fat as a percentage of energy used, you don't really burn much at all, and it takes a long, long time in order to burn anything substantial.

The name of the game is to increase your metabolic rate, commonly known as your 'metabolism' as much as possible through the use of short, sharp v intense bursts of exercise with rest or lower intensiity exercise inbetween. This is scientifically know as 'EPOC' or 'excess post oxygen consumption' or commonly known as the 'afterburn effect'. Essentially by exercising hard and increasing your metabolic rate your body will burn more calories for up to 48hrs AFTER your session has finished. So when you drive to work- you burn more calories, when you eat- you burn more calories, even when you sleep- you burn more calories!

A common error for people that want to tone up a specific body part e.g. tummy/'bingo wings' is that they train that specific part obsessively. The best way you can increase your metabolic rate (and therefore lose more fat) is to work AS MUCH OF THE BODY as possible. This means as many large compound movements as possible e.g. Squats (works over 200 muscles), Burpees or Turkish Get Up's for those with more experience, ideally working your whole body every session

The catch is you often need to exercise hard in order to push that metabolism up as high as possible, if you do however you will get that body you have wanted for years.

At NL Weight Loss Academy every session is designed specifically to increase your metabolic rate, and to work as much of your body as possible to maximise fat loss and increase fitness levels. You get 3 of these sessions every week to keep you on track and keep that metabolic rate elevated for the ENTIRE week.

3. Lack of Support

One of the main reasons why people fail to lose fat or maintain it is the fact that they don't have a support network to help them when times get tough. Everyone struggles at points when making lifestyle changes, whether it's changing their eating habits, trying to start exercising, training more or training more intensively.

Having a support network is crucial to succeeding and it why group fat loss projects work when so many individuals fail. Many people that try and make lifestyle changes actually find that those close to them aren't ready to make a similar change and therefore don't support them and can even tempt them to resort back to their old habit.

It's proven that a support network helps increase adherance and keeps you going when things get tough. in one example only 24% of individuals maintained their weight after losing weight comparing to 66% of those that had social support (Wing, R et al., (1999).

Having someone there to answer any questions you might have regarding exercise, diet, dealing with cravings and how to stay on track can mean the difference between success and not seeing things through. What you eat, when you eat, even how you eat, what exercises to do, how much rest to have, how hard you should train, when you should go to bed, how much sleep you should get and what alternative options are available- these all make a difference.

Training with other like-minded people that motivate you and keep you going when you feel like giving up also helps you do the best you can. With their help you can therefore get the most out of every session.

At NL Weight Loss Academy we provide a loyal, dedicated and professional support system to help you stay on track throughout the month and MAINTAIN your results afterwards.

4. Too Stressed

Most people go through life stressed. Stress is good to some extent as the physiological responses too stress in the short term has helped keep us alive throughout history! If you are stressed long term however... things aren't good at all.

Our body has two modes- Survival mode and Thrive mode. When it is in one of these modes it can’t be in the other and survival mode always has priority.  How much stress there is in your life will determine which mode you’re in. The aim is to be in thrive mode as much as possible.

In modern day life stress is the result of many things and manifests itself in different ways. Twenty thousand years ago your brain would consider a lion chasing you to be a threat and will cause you to be stressed!. Nowadays receiving a huge bill, being asked to go to your boss’s office or a relationship break up would all register on this same scale.

Your brain cannot tell the difference between threats, only their relative severity. It reacts to any perceived threat in the same way.

Chronic stress is damaging to health and will actually prevent fat loss. Ironically many people are stressed because they aren't happy with their weight/size. When you’re stressed, your body contains high levels of the hormone Cortisol which suppresses your Human Growth Hormone. This means less energy for repair and more to cope with the demands of being in survive mode. The more stressed you are, the less your body can grow and heal itself, let alone start working on any fat reserves.

Your body has two modes: Survival mode and Thrive mode. If you are stressed your body is in a state of high alert and if you are constantly stressed your body is always worrying if you are going to be injured or killed. As you can imagine it doesn't care much for losing fat at the same time.

Decrease your stress levels and allow your body to enter 'Thrive mode', your body will then 'let' you actually lose weight!

At NL Weight Loss Academy you will be given information how to reduce stress in your life, how to channel frustation into your exercise and you will have constant support to overcome stress levels leaving your body to start getting rid of that fat.

5. Poor quality/ not enough Sleep

Most people don't get at least 7 hours sleep a day. If you are training hard, (which as explianed earlier is necessary to get that metabolic rate up and lose fat), you need even more- 8 or 9hours a day. If you don't sleep properly then your appetite regulation starts to be affected resulting in poorer food choices and increased snacking on high sugar-high fat products.

Getting good quality sleep every night is one of the most effective things you can do to achieve fast, effective fat loss. When you sleep your body recovers and recuperates. The body is under parasympathetic dominance (in a higher state of thrive mode) when sleeping and it provides essential nourishment, which means your body is in rest and digest mode. Your cells will be fed and more nutrients from your food will be absorbed.

The most regenerative phase for the body is when the brain signals are in slow formation. This occurs during the first 90mins of sleep and then at various intervals during the night. Therefore try and make the start of the sleep as efficient as possible by winding down and relaxing before bed.

At NL Weight Loss Academy you are taught how to wind down for sleep properly and how to get your body more into thrive mode thus helping your fat loss goals and giving you more energy for everyday life!

So there you have it. 5 reasons why most people don't lose fat and what you need to do start achieving the results you deserve.

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