SwimTrek- Probably the best holiday in the world

Hi everyone,

Do you have a place that means a lot to you? 

Mine is the Greek Cyclades islands, just above Crete. Some of the best memories I have ever had have been there whilst working for SwimTrek (the world's leading swimming holiday company) as one of their guides.

I have been through a tough few months with troubles from every aspect of my life, work and personal, with me and my ex-girlfriend splitting up due to different life directions. The trick in my experience is to keep busy, give yourself time to reflect on how you want to deal with these pressures, keep active and do what makes you happy as often as possible. Going to Greece whilst hard work will tick all these boxes.

The location is beautiful, the water is warm, clear and clean and the hospitality of those on the islands is legendary. Many nights have been spent at a lounge bar overlooking a beautiful landscape with good friends.SwimTrek has been operating here since 2003 and their itinerary is now stronger than ever with all the logistical factors catered for, no matter what the group, leading to a great experience for those who come for a holiday and for the guides. 

I can remember swimming between two islands only to be met by a millioniare sailing his huge yacht past with supermodels in tow... or being invited to a huge party with the whole island and accidentally gatecrashing the millionaires' VIP area!  And teaching people to salsa dance under a full moon on a beautiful beach!  

I can only hope that working with amazing people in an amazing place for an amazing company will allow me to develop even more good memories that will stay with me forever.

Working for SwimTrek you also have some great times professionally! I had the privilege of doing underwater swimming video analysis in the presence of Jim Montgomery (the swimming equivalent of Roger Bannister). Each holiday includes 1-2 video analysis sessions which is an amazing experience for those wanted to develop their swimming. Having swum at a national level I can tell you that many high level athletes don't get this opportunity!

SwimTrek was the first open water swimming holiday company and continues to grow at a rapid rate, I have guided for them in the past predominantly in Greece but also Mallorca, Croatia and Sicily. After having a 2 year break to set up NL WELLNESS I'm back for a short while. There is a reason for this- it is a great experience. I recommend any trip if you like swimming, like the water or like a trip that doesn't involve lying on a beach non stop. Depending on the trip, swims can vary from 2,000m to 5,000m.  There are different speed groups so you don't need to worry about being left behind and my job is to ensure you all are safe and have a great time!

Every day involved 2 swims which are dependent on the weather conditions. A lunch is provided and the food is simply amazing, most of the best food I have ever tasted has been here. Staring out to sea or across the islands on Akis' Yacht (our boat pilot) whilst stuffing my face will no doubt bring me no end of happiness!

To anyone I have coached I recommend getting out on one of these trips, they have have not only given me great pleasure to work on but I hope that working in this special place will help me shape the next chapter of my life- one that I hope will enable me to help as many of you as possible.

Until next time!


Nye x