Safety in numbers

Imagine any one of these scenarios: 

You've had a long day.  Maybe you didn't sleep that well the night before. You didn't get as much done at work and so feel like you need to stay late or bring some home with you. The exercise class, or training session, or class you planned to go to now just seems like a squeeze. Maybe you have evening plans and are now thinking how do you fit it in...

Sound familiar? I can't count the number of times that this has happened to me. Sometimes it's been a lack of organisation, but sometimes it really isn't my fault, things just get in the way.

What I do know though is that the second I'm at my BJJ class, or in the pool, or at gymnastics, or maybe the gym, I FEEL so much better, especially afterwards. Sometimes you have to miss a session or two, sure, but I ALWAYS feel better when I keep my promise to myself of doing something active every day - even if it's a mobility session or something very light. Something is always better than nothing!

I grew up training in a high level swimming squad. We trained around 340 days a year, 3-4 hours a day. It was demanding, on the mind and the body. I think most people even if they didn't do as much as this can relate to a challenge and to keeping to a programme whether it's sport, music, dance or anything else.

What really helped keep me going? My goals and objectives obviously, but also the TEAM, the PEOPLE around me doing the same as me and cracking on with what needed to be done. These people pick you up when you are struggling and keep you motivated when sometimes, naturally, you lack it.

It was the support network around me that helped me to get up at 4.30 or 5am and keep putting in effort even when I was tired. Even now at gymnastics and BJJ it's the group of lovely, supportive people who have kept me going when things get frustrating, or I have other commitments.

Many of my clients tell me that one of the main reasons they quit whatever programme/activity or' diet' that they was that they simply lost motivation over a period of time.  Life got in the way for whatever reason and they just stopped. 

One of the reasons they now get results is that they have the support they want, whatever level that is (some like more than others). 

My Weight Loss group sessions have seen some amazing results with some losing 1-2 dress sizes in 2 months or over 10kg in 3 months, doing so safely, and with a lovely group of kind hearted, like minded people.

I'm offering a money back guarantee for those serious enough to make a change and lose 2 dress sizes in 8 weeks. You'll get all the the nutrition support you need as well as friendly and productive circuit style sessions that are calibrated for YOU. There are only 7 spaces left!

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