Reasons why Swimming = Weight Loss

Hi everyone,

Summer's coming up and we all want those summer bodies! Some of us are thinking of hitting the gym but don't forget there is another fantastic facility available for most of us- the pool!

Here are 10 top reasons to use swimming as part of your weight loss and maintenance programme for summer! 

1) Increases metabolic rate- CRUCIAL for long term weight loss. It is the number of calories burnt the 24-48hrs AFTER your session that really make a difference, you need to get your metabolism right up though.  Swimming does this!

2) Reduction in stress- your body struggles to lose weight when stressed, swimming does wonders for destressing you. Pound up and down the pool and feel your stress levels dissolve :)

3) Works all your muscles- The more of your body you work, the more your metabolic rate goes up = more fat loss! 

4) Burn massive amounts of calories with swimming as it is low impact!

5) Low impact means ANYONE can swim or learn if needed, no matter how old you are.

6) Improves your posture! better posture means more efficient movement and a greater oxygen supply to your organs = improved organ function = better metabolisnn = a better looking, healthier, more toned you!

7) Increases fitness which means better quality training, more energy, and an improved quality of life.

8) Increases strength and lean muscle tissue. This raises your metabolic rate even when resting and improves functional movement & health.

9) Increases your energy levels! This means healthier food choices, less reliance on stimulants e.g. caffeine and a greater likelihood of a bigger daily energy expenditure.

10) Makes your breathing much more efficent and improves your health, strengthens your heart & lungs and improves your stamina for life whatever your age.

As a health professional with a national level background in swimming and 10 years swimming coaching experience I have used swimming at every level as a means to help people lose weight, improve their health and improve athletic performance.

Email me at or PM on facebook if you have any questions about swimming or weight loss or if you want to achieve your summer body and KEEP it this time :)


So there you have- get swimming!