Ready Steady Fail

I often get asked whether I can help people 'lose weight tone up'. If I had a pound for every person who said that during a consultation...

So many people embark on a journey to lose weight yet they don't have a set goal, a figure of success, a finish point, a goalpost.

If you have a plan, a programme, and a realistic yet challenging target with time  and people to be accountable to you will succeed where before you have failed or reach your destination sooner and with better results.

If you don't know where you need to go how will you ever get there? In a weight loss setting the answer is almost always- you won't.

Have you ever had greater motivation or more success with something if you've prepared, planned and actually given yourself a specific target? I certainly have. If I don't I just plod along training (and sometime getting good results, but without realising my potential).

Are you the wolf that chases all the deer and gets nothing or thw one that singles out one and gets it?

If you want to succeed, visualise where you want to be in 6 months time with you weight/size and then plan for it BEFORE you start your journey :)


Also most people say they want to lose weight for XYZ yet there are much, much deeper reasons for wanting achieve this. Whether you share this with someone or not it is crucial that you identify why you're doing what you're doing. If you do this you will discover just how important losing weight will be for you and this is what will keep you motivated and what will keep you going when you really feel like giving up. More so than anyone preaching 'eat chicken & brocolli'!

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