Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

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Preparation is key. Without it, you are likely to fall short of your goals. I used to hear this statement and acknowledge it but not think any more about it. Until something very scary happened...

Something that proved to me that preparation IS the difference between success and failure, even life and death.

Whilst coaching a few weeks ago I was swimming back from retrieving a teaching aid from the other end of the pool. Upon my return (only about 30secs later) I saw my swimmer at the bottom of the deep end of a 3.5m pool. I had trained him to swim 25m lengths at this point (which is fantastic as he came to be a complete beginner) and left him holding onto the side of the pool when I left to get his kickboard. Even so, he was floating unconscious at the pool floor when I saw him swimming on the way back. I dived down and swam him to the surface, checked for a response, shouted for help and checked for breathing...
He wasn't breathing...
It was just us 2 in the pool (private pools often don't have lifeguards) and there was no pool alarm- it was then that I got scared, literally scared for this mans life. Only I could do anything about this. Then something happened- over a decade of lifesaving training kicked in. I was able to resuscitate my swimmer, get him out of the pool and call an ambulance and go with him to the hospital.
Thank you to those that have taught me these skills namely John Rhodes and Simon Ferrier. I'd never had to respond to a situation like this before but I found myself automatically doing what I had been trained to do. He was kept in overnight for a high risk of secondary drowning but was fine- he was even back in the pool with me 5 days afterwards! Had I not been PREPARED for that situation through my training, however -he would have died.
Preparation is the key to EVERYTHING. Weight loss also needs SIGNIFICANT preparation. Like the old adage: 'if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail'.
  • PREPARE your lunches yourself so you eat healthy at this controversial time.
  • PREPARE your shopping list so you know what you're eating that week and you don't overspend.
  • PREPARE some of your meals in bulk when you have an hour free to save you masses of time when you are busy (and therefore much more likely to snack)
  • PREPARE yourself by training to your potential by creating an exercise programme that maximises the efficiency in training, invest in an exercise specialist if you need help.
Preparation is key for maintaining lifelong habits- not just short term fixes that people inevitably stop once the going gets tough. So make sure you plan ahead before trying to lose weight. Plan your shops, your eating times, your nutrition & your training before you start! Give yourself as much opportunity as you can to succeed beforehand you even start.

Remember: proper planning prevents piss poor performance!