My BJJ Journey, what It means to you.

Yesterday I recieved my Faixa Azul- Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Recieving a new belt in BJJ is a rare occurance, and them are fewer and far between in comparison with any other martial art (to my knowledge). It takes roughly 2 years to progress to the next belt in BJJ.

I started Sep 2013 and so it has taken me 17 months including being out for 2 months due to injury. 

The training times can be tough- approx 8-10pm, you are often tired/mentally drained and it's a struggle to eat and have time to digest before going. You feel alive later at night and I have early starts often and so it's hard to get enough sleep. You just get settled to stay in for the evening and then have to leave again for training. It's not easy. Excuses are easy to make like: "I need a rest", "I haven't had time for my food to go down","I haven't had any chill out time today and I've worked hard", "My body is too tired"... The pride I feel from this achievement is humbling, as with anything achieved from hard work and dedication. Ignore the excuses, be the best you can be. this is just a small step however it has had a big postive impact on my life. 

Being a personal trainer, swimming coach and very active person I help people keep motivated and better themselves all the time. My business is helping people achieve their goals in life, They pay me for it. It wouldn't make sense then would it if I didn't enlist the help of others to help me progress my life for the better?

You'd be surprised however at the number of 'fit pro's' or others that earn a living from people paying for their services that say "I can't afford that", or "I don't need any help with ...". They expect people to pay money (sometimes a lot of it) to them and yet they aren't willing to do the same for themselves. This is hypocritical to me.

I have a fantastic sports masseuse and an amazing BJJ teacher- the Head Coach of Exeter BJJ- James Hodges (the guy on my right in the picture). As well as his Thursday class I have been having 1-1's with him for around 5-6 months. The amount you learn on a 1-1 basis is incredible. Every single little action can be analysed and tailored feedback given relevant to your body size & type, fitness level, strength level and mental state at the time. I would personally recommend having a teacher in a 1-1 capacity in anything you do and certainly if you do BJJ to ask James if he can help you.

On that point if you want to lose weight for whatever reason get in touch: 07511 948258 (no harm in pitching right?!)

Seriously though I owe so much so all those at Exeter BJJ, everyone helps everyone. Thank you to all the members there. It's a fantastic club and ait provides a great enviroment to train in. Thank you also to Nuno Matos & Simon Wicks for helping getting me started and the other coaches at the club Alaric and Cabello for your classes. BJJ has been there for me through some of the toughest times of my life and has kept me sane. It has become part of my life and I feel my life has become better for it.

From a trainers viewpoint Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is fantastic cardio and conditioning, gets you very fucntionally strong as it works you in all planes of movement and toughens you mentally aiding performance is literally everything you do. You should definately give it a try!

Peace Bruv,

Nye 'Annhilator' Levett