Move and be Happy

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. Work became crazily busy and life became more complicated. 

I just wanted to write a bit about moving. Moving your body whether it be walking, physical activity, 'training', dancing, whatever. 

It's common knowledge that moving more and keeping active is good for you. I personally feel though that this is primarily for the MIND and your emotional health. Yes being physically active helps you  keep in shape, become stronger, fitter, lose weight etc etc, and these are GREAT reasons for doing so. But, the real beauty of keeping active is to keep you emotionally postive and happy.

Incurring 2 injures simultaneously in my wrist and shoulder has meant that I have been unable to train like I normally would, and this amongst other things put me into a spiral of depression that I have never experienced before.

I hope that most of you that know me would agree that I am a positive person...  Lately this has not been the case for many reasons, but I feel a large factor is that I have not been able to keep active. It's funny how easily you take things for granted.

Swimming has kept me going over the last few months and I cannot properly put into words just how amazing it is to me to glide through the water or get in the sea and just be. 


Never underestimate how important being active is for not only your physical wellbeing but also your emotional health. I could go on about dopamine responses etc etc but I just wanted to reiterate how it keeps you positive when things get tough. I love what I do. Helping others be happier  with their lives makes me feel better, but make time for YOURSELF. YOU are the most important person. Even if you have people dependent on you, you have to 'put your own oxygen mask on first' so you can better serve them! 

It doesn't matter what it is, but get out there and have a go at something physical that you enjoy, maybe take up something you used to do, or try something new. Take it from someone whose personality is built on being active that it will help you in EVERY aspect of your life.