Life is (not) as you know it

Just another ramble from me today everyone:

Do you ever think 'I never thought I'd be doing this'?

People change.

I helped a friend the other day release a massive barrier that he has imagined for all his life. This release of the burden has allowed him immense freedom in his life. He feels as though the handcuffs he's been wearing for decades has been unlocked. His wrists will remain sore for a time but he finally feels as though he can live life to its fullest! 

He tells me that when younger he was always told he wasn't very good at anything and that as a pensioner he feels more alive than ever!

People's experiences shape their thoughts, ideas, personalities - and insecurities. Especially experiences when we are young.

For those brave enough to acknowledge these issues, insecurities & problems and face them and hopefully overcome them- your release is waiting. You are on the right path :)

Just because you would have done things differently years ago doesn't mean you're not doing them in the right way now.


Remember those that have been there for you, keep in touch with them. Look after them. Be who you WANT to be, not who you THINK you SHOULD be. There isn't time for that.


A university friend passed away from Brain Cancer not long ago. He was 26. A decent, fun loving guy with a heart of gold. 


Life is precious and shouldn't be taken for granted. 


Go OUTSIDE your comfort zone. Don't STAY the same just because.


Try and LIVE by YOUR morals and allow yourself to feel differently about things. I am a different man than the one I was 5 years ago. Even 1 year ago. 


I see the world differently- it's an amazing place- try and remember that when things get tough.