I love sweets

I have wanted to write a post about how I can often struggle with eating sweet foods. I have a terrible sweet tooth if I’m not organised with what I’m eating. Especially after I train. Most of you will know about how eating less sugary foods will help stabilise blood sugar levels, help you to feel more energetic and will massive reduce your cravings for sweet foods. The main tip that I can share however is to make sure you eat enough earlier in the day.

As I have said before missing breakfast is one of the main reasons why people are obese or overweight. This is because the body thinks you are starving and will make you hungry and much more partial to a sweetie or two later in the day!

Another common problem is people eating lunch out like meal deals and consuming lots of refined carbohydrates. Remember it is not fatty foods that are making our nation fat, it is the consumption of low fat high sugar products!  A solution is to take homemade packed lunches even if just some fruit and a homemade snack. Check out my girlfriend's food blog. She’s recently started it up again after graduating and the site gives you some amazing ideas.

Also check out dehydrators. A very knowledgable nutritionist - Alex Ferentinos first made me aware of them, they are fantastic for making your own snacks to take to work etc. Just bear in mind though that the water content isn’t in the fruit any more so drink more water than normal.

Everyone has their weaknesses and there own ways to try and prevent lapses in their efforts. For me eating enough earlier in the day is crucial to whether I’m going to eat really healthily or eat a tonne of shit. It’s simple for me - eat filling, healthy and hearty breakfasts and lunches and I’ll eat well.

Try to identify what moods you are in when you binge/eat crap. Once you know if you eat crap when angry for example you can try to anticipate when you might get pissed off and try and come up with strategies. I know of someone who always takes a tiny mini tube of toothpaste with her, when she feels down (which is when she’s vulnerable to eating crap) she puts some toothpaste in her mouth for a minute.This means that if she ate/drank whatever she wanted to have it would now taste bad anyway and most of the temptation is dispelled. Slightly strange? Maybe. Effective? Definitely!

This was just a quick post to let you know that EVERYONE has their weaknesses and EVERYONE is at risk of eating crap when they let themselves get too hungry or tired, or too emotional in some way. It’s about learning when you are at most risk and how to counter it!