Food Cravings- The Most Feared Fat Loss Pitfall

The food Craving... It creeps up on you. Then strikes suddenly like a viper.

Imagine this, you wake up after a good sleep, enjoy a good breakfast followed by a decent day at work. Go training and feel proud of yourself then BOOM. Before you know it you've smashed back that chocolate bar or those biscuits that you found in the cupboard. 

Sound familar?

So many people try hard to lose weight and get in better shape, taking time to prepare healthy meals and destress then suddenly a little snack turns into a binge. I have a friend who is a very active and nutritionally savvy individual that thought he'd have some cheese on toast as a snack after training.

Half a loaf of bread (white bread I might add- don't do it people!) and one family sized packet of Cathedral City Cheddar later... 

He essentially scuppered his chances of  any effective weight loss that week despite his hard work.

I know this is an extreme case but so many people that try to lose weight, and do well 90% of the time, sabotage their efforts by giving into cravings. 

A lot of my clients ask "how do you stop giving in to temptation" so I thought I'd help you come up with a few strategies to combat the evil craving

Different people have their own ways of weening off bad lifestyle habits and staying 'clean' but here are some of my favourite tips: on how you can avoid snacking & losing yourself to those cravings when they occur (and they will).

1) Plan your weekly meals

Not only will this save you money but it will mean you have significantly more control over what you eat.  This will make sure you eat a lot more healthily and chances are you will feel fuller and much less likely to snack and act on cravings.

Would you drive a car if you didn't have control of the wheel? Don't treat your body any different- be in control of your body.  

You will probably find that if you plan things well you will find much healtier options to have instead.


2) Don't buy it in the first place!

Often people say: "I'll get something just in case" or "I'll only have it if I'm hungry". Chances are you'll eat them if you get hungry or stressed. Even if its because they're just there. Try and refrain from getting these snacky products in the first place then the temptation simply isn't there. If you are that desperate for something you can leave home and get it.


3) Don't go food shopping after training/when hungry!

This is a no-no. Not only will you spend significantly more on your weekly/biweekly shop but you will buy foods that are more energy dense and less healthy, Or you will buy more in general. Chances are more of your shop will consist of foods quicker to prepare or things higher in fat & sugar. This is because your hunger hormones will be telling you to eat fattier, sweeter food items as a survival mechanism.


4) Clean your Teeth

This is a simple but effective anti-snack defense strategy. This way the treat won't actually taste that nice and often this will act as a fantastic deterrent.


5) Drink water or squash first

This will act to fill you up, at least temporarily as the stretch receptors in the stomach will respond to the stomach being filled with liquid. Also often people mistake hunger for thirst and this will naturally alleviate this.


6) Try a greens supplement (in addition to get good diet- their called 'supplements' for a reason)

Personally I've just started taking 'Lean Greens' (I don't get commission btw). There are certain 'superfoods' that are AMAZING at reducing cravings. Most of these supplements contain Wheatgrass or Spirulina which are amazing for demolishing sugar cravings! I find it really helps.


7) If water doesn't work then try your hardest to give it another 10-15minutes before you give in.

 Often I have found that you become distracted from your craving and I've even forgotten that I wanted the snack!


8) If you're going to surrender try the lesser of two evils

If you're that desperate and really can't avoid surrendering to the craving you can still go a long way reduce the damage to your weight loss goals. There are so many choices that the chances are you can treat yourself to a snack that is nowhere near as bad for you as the one you initially had your eyes set on originally, that is just as satisfying to eat/drink!


There you have it- a few simple methods to help prevent you from giving into those food cravings! 

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