Does it really matter?

A few weeks ago I went to a friends funeral. He was 26 when he died. Underlying heart condition....

I didn't know him well but the was a good person, kind and friendly amongst many other qualities.

The same day I heard people bitching about how they couldn't see a film because of their work shift, how bad the traffic was to work, how they had to spent last weekend looking after a drunk friend, how they couldn't train the exercises they wanted to at training that morning.... 

Some big problems then.... hmm.

Some things matter, others really don't. Put things in perspective, life is a beautiful thing, learn to appreciate it. There are up's and down's but at least your alive to experience everything. We aren't immortal- treat yourself, enjoy yourself and look after yourself.  Ask yourself when angry of upset or negative- "does it really matter"?

People die, it's part of life, but your not supposed to go as early as my friend. I will remember him and his story and will live the rest of my life happier because of the reminder that life is to be lived,and so much stress is '1st world problems' and down to things that really don't matter.

Being stressed from everyday bullshit is not only going to make your miserable and/or negative but its only going to effect you. Catch yourself when you start talking negatively abouts anything- a person, an action, some 'horrendous event befalling poor you' and think about something positive in relation to what is 'negative'.

Treat youtself and those you care about. Push yourself and do your best in everything you do. If you have a goal go for it and hold nothing back. I have just upgraded my studio and i'm training harder than I have in years.


RIP Nick and all those I have known that have died before your time and thank you for reminding me how special life is. I will strive to live it as best I can.

 Ignore the bullshit that doesn't matter. Be happy.