A Change is as good as a rest


I’m sitting at the grotto hotel in Naxos (the largest of the Cyclades islands) overlooking a beautiful view (photos to come later).

I’ve now been in Greece for 2 weeks working for SwimTrek- the world’s first, and leading swimming holiday company. People travel to various locations and swim in the best seas whilst being guided to the best spots of the local area and whilst having safety cover (me).

Everyone has their own demons, some large, some small but all difficult. I’m a firm believer in changing your environment when you go through emotional circumstances . This was the deciding factor in my decision to leave my business for a short while and coming out here.

I have sailed with dolphins, forged friendships and met a host of interesting and lovely people both guests and locals. The dynamic of the trips is a special one- everyone has at least one thing in common- swimming, and often much more.  As the week progresses people get to know each other better and by the end of each week they are often good friends.  I certainly feel as though I have  made a few!

There’s something special about overlooking beautiful water, islands and beaches as the sun sets and the moons shining. At night you can see the lights of Santorini in the distance on Schnoussa, the peak of Mt  Zeus on Naxos from Koufounissi and the rolling hills of Amorgos from both (Where the Big Blue was fimed). You can really reflect on your life and what you want to do with it when in such a relaxed environment.

I have sailed between the islands, danced Salsa with beautiful people and have had cocktails at a legendary bar on the waterfront called Sorocos where you can hear the water lap against the shore literally 2 meters away, all whilst listening to an amazing DJ whose music is fantastic and who has been the most receptive to requests than any other I have known. In one way I wish some of my friends where here to share this experience with me, in another I’m glad I’m here alone to ‘find myself’ after my break up with my long term girlfriend who I thought I would marry. This place is good for the ‘soul’ and the best place to heal than any other I know

I would thoroughly recommend an experience like this to anyone dealing with strife in their life- no matter what it may be, no matter how small or large you think its significance. I finally feel like I’m coming out of a long dark tunnel, life is good- you just need the right environment and to be around the right people to remind yourself. Thank you to all those that helped me make the decision to come out here- and to the Swimtrek team for having me on board again, especially for just a few weeks. I have also had time to look back over the last few months and remind myself of how lucky I am to have so many great friends that have been there for me, at least in my time of need.

I am here for one more week before 2 very, very stressful days at home after which I am back to normality. Many ideas have been constructed and I’ve made many plans to put into action when I’m back. Some of my clients have now lost 10kg since they started with me not all too long ago and I intend to give them and everyone else I train everything I have to make their lives better.

Thanks for reading, it’s amazing how therapeutic it is to write down your thoughts. Please let me know what you think

Until next time,



(Photo courtesy of hotblack)