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I get a lot of questions about calories, calorie counting and fasting. As such I thought I'd write another quick post on why diets don't work:

Your body is in control, it controls your appetite, it can make you eat the wrong foods. It controls your metabolism and so despite how much you eat it will control how much energy you will burn and how much it will store. It will make you feel tired or have energy. It also has a say in what happens to the food you put in it, how much you store in your far cells even whether you burn muscle instead of fat when you diet (a primary reason why you should exercise, especially resistance exercise where you use weights).

You have to work with your body. Don't fight it I.E. go on ridiculous diets that will sabotage you.

Fat people are often accused of being weak, lazy and having no self discipline. Imagine if someone said to you that your problem is that you sleep to much and you should only sleep 2 hrs a day and you were judged for bein weak and lazy because you slept too much. You could sleep for 2hrs a day for a bit but there will come a time when you'll need a big sleep, a "binge sleep". Your body is going  to want it despite what society tells you. 

So many people still believe that weight loss is simply a matter of calories in and calories out and that fat people should just 'eat less'. I'm reading an interesting book called the gabriel method and will use his words- "to those that feel this way, I say 'just breathe less' or 'just sleep less' only after thinking about the impossibility of those commands will they know what its like to struggle with obesity".

A very valid point. 



Let's confirm something- you're not fat because you eat too much but because your body wants to be fat. Your body can force you to be fat and as I've mentioned in previous posts it has a series of intricate genetic survival mechanisms built into it that keep you fatter to keep you alive. Our brain is designed to keep us alive in prehistoric society- our main threats back then were dying of stavation, the cold and by being eaten. Being fatter helped the first two of these, being thinner helped the third. You need to work with your body to keep your metabolic rate high through physical activity and by giving it the nutrients it needs and not by starving it. The balance of these 3 factors has determined our 'ideal weight'. Modern days stresses (threats) create chemical reactions are produced when we starve or freeze or think we're gying causing our bodies to be tricked into 'thinking' we need to be fatter to be safer

The way to lose weight is to reduce these 'threats' and stressors.

Once your body understands that being thinner is the best way to keep you safe it will want to be thinner- BANG and the weight is gone.

Have you ever wondered why some people are naturally thin? Chances are they have no dysfunctional relationships with food. They don't have good days or bad days. They don't have foods they cannot have an they eat what they want. They simply eat when their hungry and don't beat themselves up if they have a treat or two. They DO however give the body the nutrients it needs by eating wholesome fresh foods prepare themselves or that are as unrefined as possible.

When people think of losing weight they think: reduce caloires, diets, pills, surgery. Try not to do this. 

Think eat more, and more healthily. Don't let your body go into starvation/survival mode. Keep exercising to keep your muscle (keep your metabolism high). Simples really.

Any questions please let me know and feel free to comment!