20 Fast Fat Loss strategies

weight scales

Multiple factors determine whether or not your body will store fat or burn it.

You might find some things easy and others hard. You may also find different things more or less effective than they are for other people.

In this post, I'm going to list a variety of actions that will help you to burn fat, starting with those that will likely give you a better 'return' for your effort. The ones you don't like are probably the best ones to pick, as you are likely already trying the ones you find easier already.

  1. Take responsibility for yourself- stop blaming others for the weight that you are. YOU made the choices that have to lead you to your current weight. Take responsibility for your own actions.
  2. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day- give yourself a visual target by filling some water bottles.
  3. Eat lean protein at every meal- choose what you like: eggs, fish, poultry.
  4. Eat vegetables at every meal- steam or eat some raw veg. The fibre will stall your appetite.
  5. Eat greens as much as possible- they will provide lots of vitamins and minerals and help reduce excess estrogen levels.
  6. Eliminate added sugar- reduce fat, balance blood sugar levels and therefore cravings, and stabilise your energy levels.
  7. Minimise alcohol intake- it massively increases calories, increases estrogen, reduces fat burning in the liver etc.
  8. Prepare your day for fat loss- don't miss breakfast and ideally have one high in protein to stop a bloody sugar (and therefore energy) rollercoaster.
  9. Try and do whole body sessions when you train- this will increase your metabolism (the main weapon against fat). 
  10. Reduce the 'threats' to your body (anything that stresses you out). Stress, directly and indirectly, causes most peoples body fat problems.
  11. Assess progression (pictures and/or tape measurements weekly)- This and making yourself accountable to someone else e.g friend, coach, a family member will keep you on track.
  12. Sleep at least 8 hours a day- this will improve appetite regulation and help balance your hormones (reducing fat storage an aiding muscle gain).
  13. Set 'emotional goals'- know WHY you want to achieve said goal, WHY is it important to you? this is a much more powerful driver than saying you 'just want to tone up'.
  14. Record your progress with a calendar- make a note, or even just cross every day you do what you have planned. this will help create a chain of productive behaviour, hopefully, long enough to bring about a noticeable change.
  15. Reduce or eliminate sports drinks- high levels of sweeteners and sugar will stop your body from burning fat during and after exercising.
  16. Keep 'bad' foods out of sight and out of the house- you WILL eat them when stressed/tired etc. Don't make things harder for yourself.
  17. Move as much as possible- try and move at every opportunity, even around the office.
  18. Eat slowly and let Leptin- the hormone responsible for make you feel full, a chance to kick in. (Hence the old Chinese proverb of eating until you're 80% full, as this gives the body time to realise you've had enough and will prevent overeating).
  19. Minimise coffee- too much contributes to adrenal gland fatigue making you feel more tired (therefore more likely to eat fatty, sugary foods). It also increases estrogen levels and messes up your sleep.
  20. Say NO more- just because your friends say you should drink more, have that pudding with them etc, doesn't mean you should. Grow up.

There, 20 simple points you can try and follow that will make a significant difference to your weight loss efforts.

Good luck! :)