"Nye is fantastic, he guided me and my partner with a weight loss programme losing in excess of 2 stone before a family holiday, I gained energy better sleep and feel so much better. 
His support and enthusiasm is superb every step of the way. 
Thanks Nye Rich & Kelly."

Richard Trout

“It took a friend a few months to convince me to try NL Weight Loss Academy and after the first session I knew that it was something I wanted to do. It wasn’t easy but I started to lose weight at a rapid rate. Thanks to the exercise and nutritional guidance I lost 10kg in 6 weeks in a friendly atmosphere.”


"Wonderful coach. Guided me through the gym, advancing my swimming/water polo. Helped me lose 9kg and lose 5% body fat. You will always get a personal service and someone who wants you to truly achieve. Recommended to all of my friends and they all feel the same. Will always recommend."

Matt Tribble

Expert W​​eight Loss, Personal Trainer & Swimming Coach in Exeter

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