Weight Loss Academy

NL Weight Loss Academy is my continuous group fat loss service in Exeter. It’s designed specifically for those who are serious about losing weight and want to actually enjoy the process. NL Weight Loss Academy is the perfect way to lose weight effectively and it’s amazing value.

It costs no more than your average fitness class but provides the continous support and guidance you need to lose weight both in and after the sessions. will get fat loss results.

Everyone is friendly and supportive and with our personal training experience and encouragement you’ll achieve much more than just ‘dieting’ and plugging away in the gym on your own. Everyone enjoys the sessions and finishes them ready to face the day. Having a group of people that support each other is crucial and helps you keep motivated for the whole weight loss journey.

Our current campers are determined to get in great shape. As well as the weight loss benefits some campers have avoided the need for surgery and others have gone on to run or canoe marathons. All started because they wanted to lose weight.

What to Expect

NL Weight Loss Academy consists of 12 enjoyable, varied 45 minute training sessions over a 4 week period. We use a combination of body weight, cardio and exercises using light weights that guarantee you will quickly look and feel better. Essentially it also includes comprehensive nutritional support and advice from our experienced fat loss coaches. You will be given a safe, effective and enjoyable nutritional protocol that allows you to eat as much as you want and to enjoy a wide choice of foods. There are no fad diets on this programme.

Weight Loss Academy Results

Many of our campers have lost over 10kg and dropped a clothing size or more in just a few months. A few examples are:

Sacha lost 3kg in 2 weeks.

Mario lost over 10kg in less than 2 months

James lost 11kg in 2 months

Rob lost 5kg in a month

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“It took a friend a few months to convince me to try NL Weight Loss Academy and after the first session I knew that it was something I wanted to do. I did my best to keep up with the other campers. It wasn’t easy but I started to lose weight at a rapid rate. Thanks to the exercise and nutritional guidance I lost 10kg in 6 weeks in a friendly atmosphere. I felt I could ring or text Nye ( the Head Coach) with any questions and he would always do his best to help”.


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