Personal Training.

Safe, tailored personal training specialising in fat loss, and expert swimming coaching in Exeter. I can help you lose weight, increase your fitness, improve your health parameters and develop your swimming whether you're a complete beginner or swimming at an elite level.

I help facilitate effective weight loss, increased strength, and improved mobility through long term lifestyle changes. My local and online personal training services employ science based, safe, effective and simple methodologies developed from a national level athletic background and over 10 years of experience. This experience has been acquired through working on the NHS obesity service alongside working with government emergency services, professional sports teams, Royal Marines and the public. Over the last 5 years I have training extensively in calisthenics and gymnastics and use this experience to help people become stronger, move pain free and become far more flexible within their weight loss programmes.

The key to personal training is in the name, it needs to be personal. Everyone is different, they have different physiques, lifestyles, stressors and goals. By choosing NL Wellness you will get bespoke service created specifically for you and what you want to achieve. Too often trainers try and impose their own goals onto their clients, ultimately you decide what you want. I will help you achieve what your health and fitness goals are.

It has been a genuine pleasure to have helped 100’s over people in Exeter and the surrounding area to lose fat, feel better and become healthier. Depending on initial body size and their goals, clients of NL Wellness typically lose between 10-50kg, predominantly of fat mass. I always offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss in depth what your goals are and how I can help you. Don’t worry if you haven’t enjoyed exercise or training in the past, the programme we will create together will be safe, enjoyable and designed around your preferences.

NL Wellness offers a money back guarantee that if, together, we don’t get the results you seek, you get your money back. There is a saying: ‘Methods always change; principles never do’. Weight loss is not always easy, but it is often simple. It doesn’t always require dramatic changes in any area of your life. By applying several simple, time tested and powerful principles you will be able to lose weight safely, without any fads and, importantly, keep the weight off.

1-2-1 Personal Training

This is the most personalised, individual in depth service offered developed through years of experience working with a wide spectrum of individuals, from those wanting to ‘tone up’, to the clinically obese where I often work alongside other health and medical professionals. If you’ve tried to lose weight before and struggled to get the results you seek, or found that the lifestyle required to maintain those results was not realistic for you, then personal training with NL Wellness is a solution. I can help you lose weight and teach you simple, realistic and effective strategies to maintain your goals through healthy sleep, nutrition and physical activity.

2-2-1 Semi-Personal Training

For those of you that feel as though you are ready to make a change but would like to train with someone you know this is the perfect option. The quality will not change and I will construct a bespoke, structured and maintainable programme for each of you to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Furthermore, working together will help empower you and your training partner even more.

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"A cut above other trainers, Nye uses his deep scientific knowledge of what works for the body to provide dynamic, tailored advice for each client. I lost 8 kilos in 8 months while still eating a full and varied diet which even included chocolate! He's a great trainer and I heartily recommend him."

Alex Holland

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