Open Water Swimming Coaching

Open water swimming is an amazing experience whether it’s swimming in the sea, lakes or rivers.

Swimming is a beautiful sport and physical activity and I’m incredibly passionate about teaching it, whether it’s for someone who can’t swim a stroke, or an elite athlete trying to rank high nationally.

With swimming coaching from NL Wellness you having superior technical instruction and be taught how to adapt your stroke according to your mobility, size and whether seek to swim in a pool or open water. Swimming is fantastic for fitness, rehabilitation and weight loss. If you are a beginner or have a phobia of the water, I can help you grow in both confidence and ability.

I have guided beginners and elite swimmers to swim across the islands and along the coastlines in Greece, Sicily, Mallorca, Croatia and the UK for over 10 years, so you are in safe hands. Open water swimming is an amazing experience whether it’s swimming in the sea, lakes or rivers. 

They all offer different temperatures, conditions, water clarities and waves. It is crucial in open water swimming to develop good ‘sighting’ technique, the ability to breathe to both sides and the ability to calibrate the speed and length of your stroke according to the conditions. These are all skills I can help you develop whether you want to swim recreationally or compete in swimming or triathlon events. 

Having coached 100’s of swimmers open water swimming I can offer you a superior coaching service. Coaching is often at Exmouth beach near Exeter.

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"I first met Nye on an open water swimming holiday in Greece. He was a superb guide and I was delighted to learn that he taught swimming in Exeter near to where I live. He's improved my swimming - and confidence - immeasurably over the past three years in both the pool and open water. Nye is extremely kind when teaching but also extremely professional. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Sarah Green

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