Body Composition Scanning

BodyMetrix Ultrasound Body Composition Scanner.
Have you ever wanted to know your bodyfat percentage? 
Or even how much muscle you’ve got?

I’m proud to say that I own one of only a few state of the art ultrasound body-fat scanners in the UK.

The BodyMetrix scanner has been extensively researched in multiple studies at universities and compared to CT scanners, hydrostatic weighing, bod-pods and Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA). It’s been concluded that the BodyMetrix scanner is virtually on par with these gold standard methods on anthropometry, and the data shows it is far more accurate than other measures used in gyms.

The weighing scales can cause a lot of confusion. They don’t specify what weight lost or gained is fat mass and what is lean muscle. The BodyMetrix will calculate your body fat % and tell you what your lean muscle mass percentage is as well.

During your 30-minute Body composition assessment you’ll be taken through a accurate, non-invasive and scientifically proven ultrasound body-fat measurement using between 3-9 body sites such as the quadriceps, scapula and hip. 

With this assessment you can finally find out accurately what your fat mass and lean muscle mass percentages actually are without paying upwards of £100+ for the privilege of using hospital or university facilities.

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